UX & Visual Design Portfolio

Keeping the User in mind, makes for the best mindful designs.

Apple - Internal Travel Interface

My team and I at Apple's GRT department were tasked with the job of creating a beautiful interface that conforms to Apple's design brief, was easy to manipulate and adjust as well as be functional for the end user, internal employees needing to schedule travel plans for Apple events. The largest hurdle in this project was to ensure that I stayed within the confines of the Apple style guide. The second was to be sure to truly design and develop the most seamless experience for our end user. This interface needed to be mobile accessible to allow for easy access by its users on the road.

The end result was a succinctly designed Apple centered interface that allowed for scalability, and focused on the users’ needs and wants within this type of interface.

Wireframe for Apple project

Apple - Store Employee Point of Purchase Interface Experience

With the 2016 Rio Olympics coming up, I was tasked with the role of working closely with one of the Apple development teams to create an interactive simulation of the in-store buying interface for our Brazilian store employees. This was new territory for Apple, in that this would be our first store in Brazil. I needed to ensure the accuracy of Apple’s in-store model, while being sure to integrate the Brazilian idiosyncrasies of its people. Working closely with Brazilian translators and incorporating proper user experience were two of my main focuses within this project.

The end result was an amazingly functional, working prototype of this experience that was in turn tested on Brazilian Apple employees to ensure the proper flow of purchase for Apple customers, and eventually a working version of this same design.

Valley Painting Parties - Entertainment Interface and eCommerce Integration

This company allows for fun and free painting expression to be had by corporate parties and the like. There was a need for a clean, yet artistic approach to the User Experience of this site. An e-commerce integration needed to be addressed, as well as a functional way for mobile users to view and purchase seats to upcoming events. With the use of HTML5 and clever CSS, I was able to design and create a user centered design that made users comfortable putting their credit card information in to plan their upcoming painting event.

The end result was a fully responsive and scalable interface that allowed for easy updateability as well as clean lines and easy navigable areas for the end user.

View Live Link Here: Valley Painting Parties

Valley Painting Parties

Fantasy Subs - Entertainment Site and APP showcase

In the world of Fantasy Sports, an interactive and engagingly immersive experience for the user is key. My role in this project was to identify an interface and online experience for the owners of Fantasy Subs that allowed for them to introduce their upcoming APP and garnish further interest and funding for their project.

The end result was a mobile friendly interface that leant itself to the entertainment and excitement of Fantasy Sports, while keeping with the clean design and scalability my clients were searching for.

View Live Link Here: Fantasy Subs

Fantasy Subs Wireframes - Mobile

Loring Ward - Financial Customer Dashboard

Loring Ward is a Fortune 500 company who was in need of a UX/UI Design/Developer who could create, properly prototype, develop and execute an interactive interface for its high volume of financial investors. My role was to research and execute this type of interface in an agile environment, working closely with back-end engineers and database specialist who could make my design a reality. There was a need for a wide demographic to be addressed, given the investors' age and internet education.

The end result was a fantastically functional and dynamic interface that allowed for further views of investing options and parameters, while also being quick and easy to load dynamically.

Loring Ward Dashboard

Nursing Resources

A privately owned local Bay Area home nursing solution for the ill was looking for a fresh and user friendly design solution for their wide variety of offerings. My role in this project was to create a User Experience and Interface for their new clients, as well as their existing clients. This was completed by creating a login area for existing clients to gain more information about the patients that they are associated with, and an open discussion homepage for new clients to understand this company's offerings. A blog and many relevant news type items were added to create a feeling of community with the pages of this site. The original url was suggested to change, given that the fact that this company is a local based, custom care facility and operation was not coming through in the “Nursing Solutions” title.

View Live Link Here: Bay Area Nursing Solutions

Nursing Solutions Design